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Experience The Difference

Specializing in: sports rehabilitation / traumatic brain injury (mTBI) / post-concussion syndrome / chronic migraine

The practice of integrating Functional Neurology with Physical Medicine has been our progressing strategy for 13 years. Our team of clinicians would agree that the clarity and results offered by this approach continues to be supremely rewarding. It has permitted our team to exist in a different marketplace, teach practitioners our systematic approach, and treat with a different mindset.

Examining patients through the lens of neurology has afforded proximity to some of the most gifted athletes; chronic cases; and complex patterns of dysfunction.

We Have Come To Expect Even The Most Challenging

musculoskeletal cases to experience recovery in less than 4 visits, and our patients with functional conditions of the brain to begin seeing change in the same time frame.

Please read … Finding Recovery at the Intersection of Clinical Neuroscience and Physical Medicine – Dr. Luckey

Expect Results

There is a conventional understanding that a specific injury carries with it a specific time to recover. Whether a high ankle sprain / disk injury / or mTBI. This misconception breeds frustration because factors exist that are commonly overlooked that change this for good or bad. These factors are not hidden or complex in their nature, but present as a lynchpin to expedited healing. Architecting a plan for you centered around this discovery is our key first step.

World Championship Competitor/ Olympic Hopeful, Rochester, NY

Treatment at Pittsford Performance Care is unlike any recovery experience I’ve ever had! Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Luckey and Dr. Fink, I was ready for competition in a matter of days– something I never thought was possible.”

Imagine Recovery

Stop Being Frustrated .. Take One More Step.

Our most common new patients are like you, struggling to find answers beyond a diagnosis. The language of our office is built around results. We carry very little interest for maintenance or therapy. We rather weight our effort towards optimizing performance. We have protected our schedule to promote an elevated patient/provider experience. Our scheduling administrator is ready to take your call.


Triple Sport Division 1 Prospect, Mendon, NY

“I am forever grateful for Pittsford Performance Care with how much they helped me get back to full strength. After 6 long months of physical therapy, with no progress whatsoever, I visited Dr. Luckey who got me back to playing sports in just two weeks. I am pain-free and feeling stronger than ever!”

Make it REAL

Recovery BEGINS With A Consultation With One Of Our Clinicians.

Our doctors will guide you through our detailed examination process to determine the following.

Are we the right place for you? Determine the nature and cause of your injury? What is the plan / cost / insurance participation? How do we execute the plan together? How we support you or your child after recovery?


Professional Snowboarder, Brighton, Utah

“I was told this place was a must stop on my road to recovery. The amount of progress we made together on a set of complex injuries was truly unexpected. I am planning my next trip to Rochester!”

Request a Consult

If you have interest in understanding more about our model of care and how it can benefit you or a loved one, you may find one of the following options most helpful.
Contact our scheduling secretary at 585-203-1050 for a new patient appointment to review your case.
Select a time that works best for you for a phone consultation with an attending clinician to discuss your case
Submit a written description of your case to info@pittsfordperformancecare.com.Your case will be reviewed within 24 hours and will prompt a secure response from a PPC Clinician.

What patients say

‘You treat enough patients successfully that were told and re-told they had to live with their injury, you will change your view on recovery.’ – Dr. Luckey, Clinic Director


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