Dr. Michael Fink

Lead Clinician
Contact Info

Phone: (585) 203-1050
Email: info@pittsfordperformancecare.com

  • Undergraduate Degree, Houghton College
  • Doctorate, Northeastern College of Health Sciences

Dr. Mike Fink received his undergraduate degree from Houghton College in 2009 and his Doctorate from Northeastern College of Health Sciences in 2012. Dr. Mike joined our team in 2013 and has become an invaluable asset. He coordinates operations pertinent to and encompassing the musculoskeletal care delivered at PPC. He is a senior lead clinician with focuses on pediatric care; sports rehabilitation; injury prevention; and performance optimization. He is currently pursuing post-doctoral training in Functional Neurology and enjoys the creative approach a neurological lens affords. Dr. Mike is active in bridging professional gaps in care for the pediatric athlete through evidence-based education and collaboration.

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