Chronic MSK Injury

A chronic injury is classified as an injury that has exceeded a normal timeframe for healing.  It can be an overuse injury that becomes chronic.  It  can be an acute injury that gets re-classified when it does not heal.  

Chronic injuries carry more complexity, and require a different level of observation.   In most cases, the reason for sustained injury lies in unresolved neurological factors.  

Factors that I am referencing can have a negative effect on an athlete’s speed of contraction/ symmetry of movement/ and sequence of motor firing.  It is important to realize these effects reduce the athlete’s ability to absorb force and in turn can keep tissues from healing.

We find the majority of patients seek us out for our expertise regarding chronic cases.   If you have recently been told that an injury is now chronic or you have been dealing with a chronic injury for years and would like to discuss your case, please contact us.

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