Acute MSK Injury

An acute injury is an injury to one’s anatomy that occurs suddenly.  Acute injuries can range on their level of severity, with some causing tearing of soft tissues and/ or fractures of bony structures.  

We prioritize any suspicion of tearing or fractures with necessary imaging and orthopedic evaluation.  

It is important to realize that acute injuries trigger a healing response involving an inflammatory cycle/ tissue repair cycle/ and in most cases a neurological cascade of compensatory movement.  For example, if you injure your ankle, you will begin to limp.  The limp is not conscious, but rather a subconscious activity directed by your CNS.

A key in expediting recovery is addressing the baseline neurological movement change in combination with tissue healing at the same time.  This will regularly speed a safe recovery by 50% and is ideal for the performance based athlete.

If you recently experienced an acute injury and would like to discuss your case, please contact us.

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