PPC Internship Program

This program has been developed to accommodate three graduate students concurrently that demonstrate a keen understanding of Physical Medicine and curiosity for its integration with Clinical Neuroscience. The program exists in multiple formats to serve differing graduate requirements.  

The inclusive nature of the program allows for students studying general medicine / osteopathy / orthopedics / chiropractic / and physical therapy to share equal opportunity for admission.   

Students that find their best success show a willingness to learn new concepts; an open mind for non-traditional treatment and clinical algorithms; and a bend towards innovative thinking.

If there is interest in learning more about eligibility, please contact info@www.pittsfordperformancecare.com. Once eligibility is confirmed a current resume with cover letter will be required to move to the next step.

“This past summer I was given the incredible opportunity to work with Dr. Luckey and the rest of the team at Pittsford Performance Care. As someone who has amassed an extensive history of major injuries/head traumas due to a long career of high-level freestyle skiing and several other sports, I have been exposed to the traditional rehabilitation model implemented by most, if not all, physical medicine facilities more times than I can count. Additionally, I have also spent time shadowing at several institutes that rely on those methods and have seen the progression/results of patients undergoing treatment firsthand. As a result of my background, I walked into this internship with a solid understanding of the standardized physical therapy model from the perspective of both the clinician as well the patient themselves. With that said, I can confidently say that the care provided by Pittsford Performance Care is not only far different, but vastly superior to every other practice I’ve seen, even including my time spent living at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY.”

– Erik Faklaris

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