About Us

Pittsford Performance Care (PPC) offers active care designed to prevent, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate injuries for both recreational and competitive athletes of all ages. PPC specializes in integrating neurology based treatment and modalities. PPC doctors take pride in their ability to return patients to active  duty/play in an industry leading time frame. Treatment schedules are designed to accommodate in-season competitive athletes on an urgent basis. All critical resources for treatment and aftercare of injuries are available at their location in Pittsford. 

At PPC the priorities of care are simple. We want to find the problem(s); fix the identified tissue; strengthen the necessary patterns of musculature and neurology; support the repair by ensuring rapid ground force integration; and help you self regulate as a preventative measure. Our methods are deeply rooted in the science that governs the fields of Chiropractic medicine, Functional Neurology and high-end sports performance training.

The mission of PPC is to advance clinical outcomes and human performance through the systematic application of neural based receptor activation. Our sequentially driven system recognizes the supremacy of the motor cortex and the encompassing neural pathways that influence motor integration. Our philosophy permits the acceptance of techniques and systems that can aid in both increasing cortical activation and muscular activation helping to drive a rapid healing response.

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