Performance Testing

Performance and Footwear Testing



The motor cortex gains valuable stimulation through a biofeedback loop involving the foot and ankle. Through this loop our motor cortex knows what type of surface we are walking on, and what muscles need to be activated or deactivated in accordance to our environment. In addition to supporting
movement with power, speed and efficiency, this circuit is a major source of fuel for the brain. Concern for this anatomy during the rehabilitation process helps to
support and in some cases completely ameliorate a patients’ symptomology.

Wanna Get Fast

We have partnered with Dan Fichter and his elite performance training center, WannaGetFast (WGF). WGF is not only our home as our clinic is housed within their facility, but has become a company with shared interests and vision. Dan holds an impressive resume of world-class and professional athletes that have used his methods. He deeply value knowledge and has amassed volumes of research on speed, power, and strength training, specifically the neural influences on these subjects. His pursuit of performance research has afforded him the opportunity to be a resource for us on the clinical side of application.

Fleet Feet Rochester

We have partnered with our friends at Fleet Feet Sports in an effort to have an extension of our process in the marketplace. Fleet Feet is providing local expertise combined with an impressive product list for just about any performance footwear need.